You may think that having a personal stylist is exclusive to the rich and famous. I believe that everyone can have access to this luxury. As women, we are constantly redefining ourselves. Each stage is reflective of a newly discovered self, but sometimes we need help adjusting our outward appearance to match how we truly feel.

That's where I come in. Whether you are beginning a new chapter or finishing an old one, I am here to assist you at looking flawless through it all. Invest in yourself and be in control of your style narrative.

I'm here to help you reach the best version of you! 
Are you ready to change your style narrative?

Confidence + Style = Power


This 1-on-1 service will start off with a consultation to learn a bit about you. We'll chat about your style and lifestyle needs, as well as your go to style inspiration. You'll not only get to try on new and exciting pieces, but also learn about developing your personal style.
This is all about you!


After The Consultation we'll get down to work with a closet cleanse. I believe that this step is such an important part of the styling process because it allows us to start with a clean slate. Don't worry, this isn't What Not To Wear, I won't be throwing your clothes away and judging your tastes. Instead we'll go through your closet together to see what pieces you need to complete your wardrobe. Along the way I'll separate the items that can be altered or donated.


The days of running around from store to store are over, well, for you at least! I will spend some time shopping for a curated selection of clothing just for you. These items will reflect what we spoke about during the consultation and will find new life in your freshly edited closet. Prior to The Fitting I will pre-style some looks for you to try on.


Finally, the moment you've been waiting for, The Fitting! I'll walk you through each outfit and share why each look was chosen. As we go through the fitting, I'll take photos of you wearing your favorite pairings. This way you can for have them as a reference for later on.

At the end of each fitting, you'll get your own goody bag filled with stylish treats. You can also expect to receive a personalized digital Style Booklet featuring the fitting photos and so much more!



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